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Grief, Depression, Loss and Divorce Counseling in Folsom and Sacramento

istock_griefHave you suffered a loss you feel like you will never recover from?

Do you feel depressed and that there is no way out?

Grief, loss, and divorce may seem impossible to recover from at the time, but with a desire to feel better and the help of a professional counselor, these hurtful emotions can be overcome with time and effort. Initially, it is natural to start missing the companionship and the experiences shared by the other person. The hopes and dreams that you and your loved one had together are shattered and everything seems to fall apart.

This is where a counselor can help by showing the sufferer ways to identify their grief and cope with the grieving stages. This coping strategy, if done effectively, will ensure the grief does not worsen to depression and help the person go on to lead a happy and full life.

For information on the benefits of grief, loss and divorce counseling, please read “Grief, Loss, And Divorce – Breaking Out Of The Pattern.”

If you believe you or a loved one may benefit from grief, loss or divorce counseling, we invite you to contact us to set an appointment today in the Folsom area. Please call us at (916) 412-5679 or fill out our contact form to the right, and one of our trained counselors will be in touch with you shortly. All prices are on a sliding scale based on your income.

meet dawn, our founder

Dawn T Barry Hulme, Director, Marriage and Family Therapist MFCC 50153, Masters in Psychology with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy

As the founder and lead counselor of Windows of Hope Counseling Center, it was my hope to create a non-profit agency offering effective and affordable counseling to the community. It is my belief that everyone deserves to be nurtured and supported during their healing process. Many times while on our life journey we can become confused and experience difficulty finding our way. My hope is to help clients become anchored so that when life difficulties become part of their journey they stay flexible while keeping their direction intact. I specialize with couples and individuals using "Imago" therapeutic techniques along with mindfulness based practices.

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