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7 Ways to Raise Your Self Esteem

Every person has a sense of self worth which may or may not be accurate. This self worth or self esteem allows a person to form beliefs and opinions.

High self esteem does not mean pride or inflated ego, but an honest opinion of self. However, low self esteem does hint at closed mindedness, self-hate, self pity and other such negative views.

Seven Ways To Raise Self Esteem

With hard work and determination, one can change one’s self concept and raise their self esteem. One thing that you must keep in mind is that you are the only one who can help yourself! So if you are ready to make this difficult but beautiful change in your life, read on to see how assistance from a counselor can help you lift your self esteem. A counselor can help you:



1. Believe In Yourself

It is not always easy to love yourself. A counselor will tell you the techniques that will help you not to be harsh on yourself; to believe that it is okay to make mistakes and important to forgive yourself for them. You counselor will also help you to believe in what you do and appreciate yourself for all the good things that you’ve done.



2. Gather The Courage

It is sometimes easier to be motivated by someone else than by yourself. Counseling helps you take control of your life. It also helps you realize that you shouldn’t let others live your life for you; that you have to be confident enough to make your own decisions. If you make this change in your life, it will definitely make you feel better and you will begin to start respecting yourself more and more.

3. Be Optimistic

Talking negatively to yourself is a common problem and one that can be overcome with help. Reinforcing negative statements to yourself like ‘I’m not worth it’ play havoc in your mind. They shatter you emotionally and hinder your progress. An important part of building self esteem is replacing negative thoughts with positive ones that build self confidence.

4. Treat Yourself Well

Learn to let go! Enjoy yourself. Indulge in things that you like. Go biking, hiking or read a good book. It is extremely important to love and respect yourself in order to have high self esteem.

5. Participate In Life



It is important to love people and develop lasting relationships. Even if you can’t succeed at first, appreciate yourself for at least trying! A counselor can show you another perspective on the outside world. You must trust yourself first and then give those around you an honest try.

6. Be Self-Contained

You have been dependent on public opinion. Now is the time to become self-reliant. Do not depend on others to love and appreciate you. If you can’t do it for yourself, ask for assistance! It doesn’t matter if others reject you. The important thing is to accept yourself as you are.

7. Establish A Purpose

Set achievable goals for your future with the help of your counselor. Start with very small goals like ‘I’ll get up early in the morning.’ Then, gradually stretch your limit. Accomplishing these goals will give you the confidence and strength and help you improve your self-worth.

Self esteem is very important to be successful in life and to protect yourself from being used and abused. It creates a feel-good factor in us which makes us like ourselves and others like us. Irrespective of how we fare in life, high self esteem always keeps us going. Our self concept must not depend on our success, failure or what people think about us. It depends upon what we think about ourselves. So elevate your self esteem today and feel good about who you are!

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